flight training Cumbernauld, PPL training Scotland
flight training Cumbernauld, PPL training Scotland
Phoenix Flight Training Cumbernauld
                           Phoenix Flight Training Cumbernauld   

Getting Started

The Private Pilots Course is designed to train you to fly a light aircraft to a level of competency which will allow you, once qualified, to fly with passengers. We suggest you have a Trial Lesson which will count toward getting your licence. You can find more about our Trial lessons and Gift Vouchers HERE


The course consists of a minimum of 45 hours, of which at least 10 hours are solo flight. You can log flying hours from the age of 14, going solo at 16 and applying for your licence at 17 years of age.


So how long will it take to get a PPL? Well, between 50-60 hours seems to be average but our instructors will take things at your pace striking a balance between progress and enjoyment.


There are two types of Private Pilots Licences available from Pheonix Flight Training. If you want a career in aviation you should go for the U.K. PPL, which will enable you to progress with further training whether CPL (Commercial Pilots Licence) or an instrument or night rating for example. If you simply wish to fly for fun you may want to train for the LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilots Licence). Our instructors will be more than happy to go over this with you to help you decide which suits you best.


Students pay for each flight on a pay as you go basis .



Cumbernauld Airport is ideally situated for PPL training with delays for commercial traffic somthing you won't need to worry about, saving you a lot of time and more importantly money!


The initial part of the training covers basic required manoevres such as flying straight and level, turning and then moving on to perfecting the art of landing the aircraft safely. Once you have learned these vital skills you will be invited to carry out your first solo flight, a circuit of Cumbernauld Airport. Most qualified pilots will remember this very special achievement!


There will then follow a period when you consolidate your skills and learn a number of other important skills such as navigation, emergency procedures and a number of theoretical exams. Here at Pheonix we are fortunate enough to have a resident CAA examiner who once you are ready will oversee your completion of the Skills Test and if succesful will sign you off as a qualified Private Pilot.


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EASA PPL ( Private Pilot's Licence)

  • Minimum 45 hours of training of which at least 10 hours must be supervised solo.
  • Minimum 25 hours Dual.
  • A Qualifying Solo Cross country flight of at least 150 nautical miles with 2 full stop landings at other airfields.
  • Pass 9 CAA ground exams.
  • Obtain a EASA Class 2 Medical.
  • Pass a Skill Test at the end of your training with a CAA approved Examiner.
  • Minimum age to hold a licence is 17 although you can commence logable training at 14.




Enables you to act as Pilot in Command (PIC)on aeroplanes or Touring Motor Gliders in non commercial operations.


This licence enables you to fly anywhere within Europe, carry passengers, hire aircraft,add additional ratings etc. The PPL is also a stepping stone for those who wish to pursue a career in aviation.



LAPL ( Light Aircraft Pilot's Licence)

Initially conceived as a recreational licence for those budding pilots that perhaps just wanted to fly in their local area and who enjoyed the thrill of flying.


Fewer hours are required to gain this licence therefore there is a significant cost benefit. Also the medical reqirements are less stringent. However, you will still be able to demonstrate similar skill levels and competancy that will make you a safe pilot.


  • Minimum 30 hours training of which 15 hours must be dual
  • 6 hours of supervised solo time including at least 3 hours of solo cross country and a qualifying solo cross country flight of at least 80 nautical miles with 1 full stop landing at an airfield other than the departure airfield.
  • Pass 9 CAA Ground Exams
  • Pass a Skill Test with a CAA approved examiner.
  • Medical Certificate from your GP.




A LAPL allows you to act as Pilot in Command (PIC) on either a single engine piston aircraft or Touring Motor glider with a maximum take-off weight of 2000kg or less.


Carry a maximum of 3 passengers with no more than 4 persons on board. You may only act as Pilot in Command in the class and variant in which you passed your skill test.


NB. You can only carry passengers after getting your licence and completing 10 hours flight time as PIC.



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